Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood floors come in a wide range of dimensions and woods. Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut are just a few of the many hardwoods that we work with. Plank sizes range from the most common width of 2 ¼” all the way up to 8 ¼” wide planks. Planks 4” wide and up need special installation, they must be glued and nailed.

Hardwood floors are a classic and elegant choice for any home. They are very durable and a new floor can be refinished many times. At Stanley Flooring we excel in installation of new flooring. Installation is always efficient. We recommend hardwood flooring for houses and most condominiums. Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and are a much better choice than carpet for people with allergies. Hardwood floors will never go out of style, and add great resale value to any home.