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How should I care for my hardwood flooring?
Wipe up any spills immediately with a damp cloth. Wash with a damp rag, do not use any harsh cleaning products as these can ruin the finish of the flooring. Keep humidity at around 35% to avoid warping and shrinking of wood. Leave temperature constant year round.
What is the difference between hardwood flooring and engineered flooring?
Hardwood flooring is solid and needs to be sanded, stained/ sealed/ and finished before it is done.
Engineered flooring is made up of a composite of wood with a layer of hardwood on top that has been shaped into boards just like hardwood flooring but that have already been stained and finished before.
What is the difference between engineered flooring and laminate flooring?
Engineered flooring looks very close to real wood flooring as it is in board shape and made up of a composite of wood pieces with a layer of real hardwood on top.
Laminate flooring on the other hand comes in pieces not boards and is made of wood bits with a printed design on the top so it does not look as realistic as engineered flooring.
Can engineered flooring be refinished?
Yes, most pre finished flooring can be sanded down and refinished a couple of times, depending on the brand. The Mirage brand flooring we usually work with can be re sanded and re finished 5-6 times.
What is the difference between water based and oil based finishes?
Water based finished dry faster than oil based finishes and are non yellowing. Oil based finishes take longer to dry but are better for high traffic areas as they are more durable.
What are baseboards and base shoe?
Baseboards are the tall borders that are placed on the wall around wood floors. Baseboards come in many heights and designs and are usually painted white. They can also be stained to match the floor color. Base shoe, or quarter round, is the smaller part that goes along the baseboards right on the wood floor to finish it.
What is a subfloor/ underlayment?
A subfloor/ underlayment is what is underneath flooring, it can be cement, cork, or plywood.